Monday, November 2, 2009

The Future: To Begin at the Beginning

This is my new blog – and to start off, this is my practical no nonsense view of thinking about the future and what I can do for you.
At one level, thinking about the future is really simple. There are some straightforward questions: "What appears to be happening now?" "What could happen next?" "What could that mean for me/us?"
At another level, it can be bewildering. Once you really start looking at what is happening now, it's easy to get lost in a welter of detail, or miss whole areas of change. It's hard not to be bound by the present and the past when you are trying to think about what could happen next, or to slide away from some possibilities because they are difficult or depressing to contemplate when you try to think about what this means for you and your people.
Drawing on a decade of futures thinking and a wide range of organisational experience in New Zealand and the UK, I enjoy helping people to make sense of the changing landscape and clarify their next steps. I design advice, workshops or training to meet your needs. Often people's experience of futures work is an interesting, enjoyable diversion, that's of no practical use to them when they return to the real world. Whether it's shifting mindsets and world views, or clarifying business priorities, I make sure the futures work you do with me can be put to use in your organisation.

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