Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Future State: From protest to action – social media enabled shifts?

This blog post is a request for your help.

I’m working with the New Zealand Institute of Policy Studies (in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington) on The Future State - research on public management and public policy challenges over the next 20 years.

Looking at what’s changing now, we have a number of loosely related questions about generation and value shifts, social media and social action.

Do you know of research, statistic and/or informed commentary that would shed light on any of the following questions?

• Has the anti-globalisation movement grown, diminished or changed its nature since the highly visible activities 1999-2002 (Seattle, Washington, Genoa)? By what measures and why?

• Have other 'protest' movements changed in similar ways?

• Have social media enabled a general shift away from protest to constructive social action as a response to perceived injustice?
• If so, is this generation/cohort specific?

• Are there correlations between use of social media and being ’values centric’.

We are looking ourselves for research and stats that help with the questions below, but if you know of relevant research or information, we’d love to be pointed towards it. Any information is welcome, but particularly information that has an NZ or Australasian dimension.

I’ll collate and credit responses to these questions on this blog and post links to the IPS The Future State research work here and on Twitter when it’s ready.

I’d love to hear from you: Stephanie@stratedgy.co.nz +64 274 966 956

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